6 top trending decor styles for boat interiors

The luxury interior of a boat. Gloss wooden walls, a large white coffee table and red leather modern armchairs.

It’s a bit of a misnomer that ‘boating’ is in itself a defined style. The same thing goes for ‘coastal’. What do these terms actually mean? To be honest, blue linen and rope are normally involved, which is not automatically a bad thing. But if you are either kitting out or refitting a boat, these concepts may well leave you limited and restricted. Not very helpful! We look at 6 of the best trending principles for the design of boat interiors. When you’re looking for inspiration, these might help you to think outside the box to find a style that’s more personal.

Natural Light

Much as we all seek to maximise natural light in our homes on dry land, a similar principle works for boating interiors. Depending on the size of your vessel, indoor space may feel comparatively cramped. So during daylight hours it’s a growing trend to bring in as much natural light as possible. Keep surfaces light in colour and reflective in finish to reflect light around the indoor space. Less bulky fabrics for window dressing can also mean that more natural light is able to filter in. Of course, practically speaking this has to be balanced with the need for privacy when moored, and blackout options for midsummer. This is why bespoke options are often the most practical solution here. 

Neutral Shades

Classic monochrome looks in neutral shades remain popular. These are an ideal starting point in most design schemes, since they embrace both traditional and modern concepts. When you’re looking for a concept that works from moving inside to outside on the boat, neutrals work best. This is because they tie in with the organic colours of the boat structure. If you choose neutral shades, it’s important to inject interest and luxury in your choice of materials. Achieve this through leather finishes and glass screens. 

Pops of colour

Alongside a neutral base, adding pops of colour through soft furnishings turns a space into something more dynamic and vibrant. Loose soft furnishings like cushions are an ideal way to do this, since they are easy to mix, match and amend when you like. In addition, think about lighting. If you have a larger space, statement light shades are a great place to inject colour. Or alternatively, changeable hue LEDs will give you a rainbow of options once the sun goes down!

Natural Materials

Eco trends are going from strength to strength, with popular looks in natural materials. So wooden storage and surfaces sit really well alongside cottons and linens. Similarly, think about whether elements of your boat decor could be made from reclaimed or upcycled materials. These features give a truly personal and unique slant to your boat decor design.

Hidden Functionality

If you’re refitting your boat, take this opportunity to really maximise your space. There’s no bigger wow factor in small spaces than surprising storage! Don’t forget about the functionality of your materials too. By this we mean durability and ease of maintenance. The last thing you want to do is to add maintenance jobs to your list by choosing the wrong materials.


When you’re putting together a decor scheme, it’s really important to create depth and texture within a space. This makes a space feel warmer, more welcoming, and full of character. Mix gloss surfaces with plush fabrics, for example. Think about how patterns can work here, too. This might mean patterned cushions, or accent wallpaper. Contrasting lines are another way to provide texture. So art deco styles with signature curves contrasted with geometric flooring. 

The decor of your boat should be as personal as the decor of your home. This is why unique solutions are a great way to bring a vibrant finish to your design concept. To learn more about where bespoke soft furnishings can fit into your boat refit, contact us!

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