The Bavaria 34 is a sailing yacht that brings a blend of performance and comfort to the seas. Part of Bavaria Yachtbau’s extensive range of cruisers, it is designed for sailors who are looking for a manageable yet spacious vessel for family cruising or sporty sailing.

Key Features of the Bavaria 34:

Design & Craftsmanship:

The Bavaria 34 features a sleek, modern design with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship. The hull and deck are constructed using Bavaria’s signature boat building techniques, ensuring durability and seaworthiness.


The interior of a Bavaria 34 is surprisingly spacious for a yacht of its size, typically offering a three-cabin layout that can accommodate up to six people. The boat boasts ample natural light and ventilation, creating a comfortable atmosphere. Fine woodwork and attention to detail are evident throughout the cabin.
Cockpit & Deck:

A functional cockpit area with easy access to the main sail and helms makes sailing this yacht a breeze. The deck of the Bavaria 34 is designed with safety in mind, featuring anti-slip surfaces and sturdy handrails.


The yacht performs well under sail, thanks to its well-designed keel, balanced rudder, and efficient sail plan. The Bavaria 34 can be expected to handle a variety of weather conditions, making it a versatile choice for novice and experienced sailors alike.

Engine & Systems:

Powering the yacht when not under sail is typically a reliable inboard engine, making docking and maneuvering in harbours straightforward. Electrical and plumbing systems onboard are designed to be user-friendly and low maintenance.

Customization & Options:

Owners can often customize their Bavaria 34 with a range of options including sail upgrades, navigation packages, and interior fittings, allowing for a highly personalized sailing experience.

Specifications (Approximate):

Length Overall (LOA): Around 34 feet
Beam: Usually just over 11 feet
Draft: Varies depending on the keel type, but a standard draft is often around 6 feet
Displacement: Approximately 5,200 kg
Sail Area: The ratio varies but is typically optimized for cruising performance.


The Bavaria 34 represents a balance between a pleasure craft and a performing sailboat. It is ideal for those who want a mid-sized cruising yacht that doesn’t compromise on the sailing experience or comfort. Whether for weekend coastal trips or more extended voyages, the Bavaria 34 is considered a reliable vessel that will appeal to a broad spectrum of sailors.