The Bavaria 39 Cruiser: An Oceanic Journey Awaits


Sail the high seas with grace and comfort aboard the Bavaria 39 Cruiser. A true masterpiece of nautical engineering, this sailing yacht combines the precision of German craftsmanship with the joy of open-water adventure. Whether you’re planning to glide through waves for a weekend or set out for a long-haul ocean voyage, the Bavaria 39 Cruiser offers the perfect blend of luxury, performance, and ease of handling.

Design and Comfort

The Bavaria 39 Cruiser is designed to cater to the discerning sailor who refuses to compromise on quality. The deck layout exhibits sleek contours and provides ample space for relaxation and socialising. Below the deck, you’ll find a world of elegance and functionality. The well-lit saloon invites natural light, creating a warm and spacious atmosphere ideal for unwinding after a day at the helm.

Saloon and Galley

Step into the welcoming saloon, where hospitality meets maritime lifestyle. The large seating area, along with a practical and fully equipped galley, is ideal for entertaining guests or enjoying a serene meal with panoramic views of the ocean. The attention to detail in the woodwork and fittings echoes Bavaria’s commitment to quality and comfort.

Cabins and Heads

Take comfort in the beautifully appointed cabins, offering an inviting retreat after an active day of sailing. The Bavaria 39 Cruiser typically features three cabins, complete with plush bedding and sufficient storage for extended trips at sea. Each cabin is a haven of tranquillity and privacy, complemented by well-designed heads equipped with all the modern conveniences expected of a premium yacht.

Performance and Handling

Equipped with a powerful sail plan and a responsive hull design, the Bavaria 39 Cruiser is both agile and steadfast. The yacht’s performance is characterised by its ability to cut through the water with minimal effort, ensuring fast but stable navigation. Whether you’re an experienced sailor looking to harness the wind or a casual cruiser seeking leisure, this vessel promises not to disappoint.

Technology and Navigation

Innovation and efficiency are the cornerstones upon which the Bavaria 39 Cruiser is built. Fitted with state-of-the-art navigation technology and a variety of sail configurations, this vessel can be customised to suit your sailing style. From advanced GPS systems to autopilots and wind instruments, everything is at your fingertips to ensure a safe and pleasurable voyage.

Safety and Durability

Safety is paramount in the design of the Bavaria 39 Cruiser. With a robust hull construction, high freeboard, and a deep keel, the yacht is built to withstand the challenges posed by the sea. The cockpit is strategically laid out to ensure quick access to safety equipment and manoeuvring systems, imparting a sense of security whether you’re aboard with family or a crew of experienced sailors.