Bringing back Ladi’s Restaurant Regatta

After a seven years hiatus from one design racing, the previously annual Ladi’s Restaurant Regatta will be back in 2023 on February 17-19 off the coast of Salinas, Puerto Rico.

Postponed due to Hurricane Maria in 2017 and COVID in 2020, but with the help of the former Pan Am Games and Olympic sailor Robbie Ramos, Ladi’s Restaurant Regatta will be back.

Located on the south coast of Puerto Rico, Salinas is a sailor’s paradise and a must stop for sailboats before going to the Virgin Islands. “Salinas has shallow tranquil turquoise waters and the warm consistent winds (12-20 knots) are always present,” says Caribbean sailing guru Don Street.

With the support of a must-see historical seafood restaurant, Ladi’s Restaurant has a prime location for spectating while enjoying a Caribbean lobster or “Mero al Mojo con Mofongo”.

“Our goal is to attract North American, South American, and European sailors and their families to visit and sail with us,” says Miguel Casellas, Puerto Rico Sailing Federation. “Go restaurant/ bar hopping, sightseeing and enjoy our Caribbean weather.”

Anticipating 75 boats, expected fleets are the Optimist, Snipe, Hobie 16, Club 420, ILCA, Sunfish, Wingfoils, O’day Mariners, Rhodes 19 and Nativos 17. “We are looking forward to making it bigger every year with eyes of having a four day One Design Sailing festival,” noted Casellas.

Ronnie Ramos, Robbie’s twin brother and also a Pan Am Games and Olympic sailor, will be the PRO with 1995 Pan Am Games 470 Gold Medalist Pedro Luis Fernandez for Cuba in charge of the Opti courses.

Among people attending:
• Marco Teixidor (Georgetown 2010) – campaigning for Pan Am Games in Sunfish
• Raul Rios (Boston College 2016) – Optimist & Snipe World Champion
• Keki Figueroa – PR National Hobie 16 Champion
• Roger Casellas – Laser 4.7 Champion
• Isabella Calzadilla – 2022 Optimist North American Champion
• Windsurfer Olympian Kiko Dalmau – now 60 years old wingfoiling against Puerto Rico’s best.

“Next year, we will be chartering Sunfish, ILCA, and Optis to make it easier for visiting sailors to participate in our annual regatta,” added Casellas. “We are very much interested in converting this race as a part of Sunfish, ILCA and Opti sailors training program.

For Notice of Race, click here.

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