What are the best Christmas gifts for the sailor in your life?

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If you have a keen sailor in your life, it makes sense to buy a Christmas gift that ties into this interest. From parents and siblings to friends and your partner, a sailing gift is the ideal theme for Christmas. However, there are so many bits of kit, accessories, and associated paraphernalia that it can be hard to narrow down to what to choose. Especially if they are the type of person to just go out and get the things that take their fancy before you get a chance to add it to a gift list. We take a look at the best Christmas gifts for the sailor in your life. 

Principles of gift giving 

Whether you want to find more purpose in your gift giving, or need direction there’s an old rhyme which somewhat simplifies things: “Something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read”. As well as being an ideal principle to reduce waste, it’s very helpful if you’re feeling overwhelmed with options. So we thought it would be a good starting point here. 

Something you…

Clearly, wants and needs differ from person to person. Similarly, there are different types of gift giver as well as receiver. So from stocking fillers to a secret santa, we’ve taken a look at some great options to cover a variety of budgets and personalities.


These gifts are all about luxuries that will indulge the sailor in your life and make them smile. Custom boat seats are an investment that will enhance and uplift the comfort factor every day while sailing. They’re the kind of thing that 


On deck, with exposure to the elements and changes in seasons, there’s a need for certain types of clothing. So these gifts are often a fail safe for anyone stuck for inspiration. These gifts can cover any budget, from a basic head torch or cosy woolly hat to Oakley sunglasses


These gifts cover supremely practical solutions to items they never knew they needed but do! Perhaps your sailing enthusiast needs a new VHF radio, for example. Or maybe they’d benefit from a gadget like a tactical navigation device or something useful like a drybag.


Christmas isn’t Christmas without receiving a book. From visual feasts to nautical storytelling, these titles provide something for all types of reader. A coffee table book is equally at home in the living room or on the boat itself. There are visually stunning volumes available with striking ocean, boat and map imagery. Or for a gift that lasts all year, how about a subscription to a specialist yachting magazine?

Anything else?

Of course, there are those things that don’t quite fit into these categories of gifts. From larger investments to people who leave everything to the last minute, there are some great gift options for sailors that are a bit more ‘out of the box’. 


When a couple share an interest, it can be a great idea to choose a big ticket item as a joint gift to each other. This may be of the ‘something you need’ variety, or perhaps it’s more of a luxury. It’s a practical approach that loses a bit of the romance of gift giving, but it does mean that you both get something that will have a real impact in your lives. A boat interior upgrade is something that you’ll both enjoy into the future as you spend time on board in more comfort and style. Contact us to talk about interior and exterior upholstery, boat cushions and more. 


Perhaps you are shopping for someone just starting out on their sailing journey. Experience days, or boating courses are a wonderful way to support this interest as it grows. The Royal Yachting Association is a good place to start. Or incorporate into a sailing break somewhere warm for a gift that the whole family can enjoy! 


Boating life is increasingly reliant on technology. While some things like a radio and GPS mapping are considered essential, and probably not on the wish list, there are technical accessories that are a great addition to sailing life. As a go to brand for active tech, Garmin is always a good port of call. Their Quatx 7 wearable, and boat camera ranges are good investments. 

Food and Drink

When more stuff is just unnecessary, gifts to consume are ideal. Synonymous with sailing, an artisanal rum fits perfectly into the theme! Or a Navy strength gin if that’s more up their street. Alternatively, for the personal touch why not bake and box nautical shaped biscuits to stave off hunger on your loved one’s next expedition.

Last minute

What about when you’ve just left it too late? Don’t worry, there’s still hope! Most experience providers and independent sailing apparel traders offer gift vouchers. Arthur Beale is just one option for a variety of products.

A Sailing Christmas

If you are a sailing enthusiast, or want to make Christmas day a bit different, you may want to look at other ways to bring the theme into the day’s proceedings. You may not be having Christmas on a boat (unless you are!) so we look at the more unusual ideas out there that can help to introduce a theme to the day. 


There are lots of stunning boat themed festive ornaments and baubles out there. Perhaps inspired by the song ‘I Saw Three Ships’, sailing is linked to a festive ambience. Twist fairy lights around ships in bottles, for example, for a feel that’s more oceanic than forest pine. 


Of course, how you present your gift is part of the festive experience. Why not encase your sailing gift in a treasure chest to really go overboard (ho ho!) with the theme??


Tie in your festive table setting to a nautical theme with crackers from Fortnum and Mason. With an oceanic colour scheme and luxury gifts, they’ll perfectly set off an indulgent sailing themed Christmas day!

Christmas may just be the time to indulge the sailor in your life by investing in an updated boat interior. Or maybe it’s a project for next year. To get the ball rolling, just get in touch.

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